Encouragement of art in buckinghamshire
Date:August 17, 2021

Michele Greene

My interest in art and especially in ceramics, has been lifelong. I pursued this interest at St Albans School of Art completing a Post Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy and at the University of Hertfordshire achieving a degree in Fine Art. I worked as an Art Teacher in several Buckinghamshire Schools until retiring in 2016. Occasionally I still run workshops for children and adults.
My group memberships include the Bicester Sculpture Group and the Oxford Sculptors Group with whom I exhibit. I regularly take part in the Oxford and Buckinghamshire Artweeks. I also sell work through the Carina Haslam Gallery.
I enjoy working in a wide range of materials including clay, wire, cement, resin and bronze.
My interests centre mainly on the human form and the human face through which I explore emotions and relationships. I love wildlife too and enjoy making animal models.
In 2019 I won the Swire Ridgway Sculpture Prize.

Contact details; greene786@aol.com