Encouragement of art in buckinghamshire
Date:August 12, 2023

Mia Babb

After completing an Art Foundation Course at High Wycombe College in 1985 Mia took a year out
to earn some money for University but the lure of financial gain meant she never continued her art
studies. During a varied career, including Visual Merchandiser in retail and Technical Advisor for a
crane company, she constantly tried new methods and media in her spare time and also completed a
BA in art history through the Open University.
After suffering a stroke during brain surgery she turned to Pen & Ink to re-train her right arm which
had been temporarily paralysed. Involvement at a local art show, where she helped to organise as
well as exhibit, gave her the confidence to not only display more but also to set up her own Fine Art
(Giclée) printing studio.
Pen & Ink (normally including gold leaf) is still her favourite medium and she gets completely lost
in capturing detail. She also loves coloured pencil and pastels, especially when doing commissions,
and still experiments whenever possible with different media.
Websites: www.jealouschild.co.uk
Instagram: jealous.child