Encouragement of art in buckinghamshire
Date:September 20, 2012

Marian Hyland

My current work has moved from representational to abstract and is an on-going journey.

It is generally based on natural forms, but the end result may or may not bear any visible indication to the initial marks made. Each mark both changes the previous one/one’s and begins a new possibility, therefore continually challenging me to search and find the solution.

I use the criteria that each piece of work must ‘surprise’ me. I would then hope that the viewer will see a painting they can connect with in their own way, but that still retains some mystery and intrigue.

I truly believe that old ‘cliché’ that a painting should speak for itself. Nothing has really changed over time, it is our interpretation of it that alters. If the artist has succeeded, it shouldn’t require any explanation. It is preferable that the viewer is not ‘lead’, in order to connect with the image.

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Email: marianhyland@hotmail.co.uk