Encouragement of art in buckinghamshire
Date:August 03, 2021

Johanci Tyson

Johanci’s paintings are large, colourful and contemporary which can make a bold statement. She offers a varied collection of work on her website, which are both versatile and eclectic.

Born and educated in South Africa, Johanci has been UK based since 2000 and she is fortunate enough to call both the southern and northern hemisphere home. Living and working in London for 15 years, she is now permanently based in the Chalfonts, South Buckinghamshire.

Her late father was an established artist so it was no surprise that she followed in his footsteps. She embarked on a Fine Arts Degree however changed course due to wanting to paint on large scale such as scene painting and murals. She completed her qualification in Theatre Crafts with a student internship in scene painting and prop making at the National Theatre, London, which explains her love for all things Southbank and London!

Her working life was predominantly spent in London and opportunities lead to a successful career in luxury residential property management, mainly working for Harrods. In 2020 she returned to enjoying life as a fulltime artist.

Johanci takes inspiration from her origin, nature and the beauty in every day. She particularly loves natural light, reflection, stripes, geometric patterns and architecture.
Inspiration also comes from various art styles and cultures. Particular favourites are the Dutch movement DeStijl, the German Bauhaus movement in architecture and the bold, and playfulness of Pop and Ndebele Art.

The most popular collection is her large-scale abstract and textured paintings on canvas. These tend to be expressive and will liven up any interior space.

She also creates handprinted lino prints, where she depicts her love for architecture and recreate places that are special to her.

Johanci’s passions are art, travel and family. She believes there is a connection with art and wellbeing and she hopes that her art inspires and brings happiness and joy to those who invest in it.