Encouragement of art in buckinghamshire
Date:August 05, 2019

Joanna Brownridge

‘It is not an accurate view of a landscape or seascape that holds my interest but rather trying to capture the atmosphere or essence of that image or place. The recognition of ‘happy accidents’ during the making process and a healthy dialogue with the materials and surface helps to create patterns, designs and textures which for me is a more satisfying result than correct perspective or illusion. Colour is very important. I work in whichever medium is necessary to do the job’.

Born and brought up in Scotland with an early interest in making pictures, response to the big open skies and landscapes seemed a natural source of inspiration. Artistic education was consolidated at Farnham College Art and Design (BAHons) and with a Masters in Painting from Wimbledon Art School in London.

Joanna lives and practices in Buckinghamshire. She belongs to several drawing and painting groups, exhibits locally and has travelled to Italy, Spain, the Middle East and Europe to photograph and to collect reference material in sketchbooks.