Encouragement of art in buckinghamshire

Jennie Thomas

Jennie Thomas
Post Grad Printmaker
Art Teacher & Cultural Organiser

Jennie Thomas is a Buckinghamshire born Painter/Printmaker who has been exhibiting for over 20 years and teaching for over 18 years. As an art teacher she is resourceful and imaginative with a wide arrange of artistic mediums. Whilst also creating a relaxed and friendly ambience with pupils she has a talent for installing art appreciation, and promoting creativity and open-mindedness.

Jennie is a local Art Teacher in the areas of Amersham, Penn and Hazlemere, which has extended to Painting Holiday abroad and in the U.K.

Jennie studied at Oxford Brookes University (BA Fine Art). Following on with a Post Grad. in Printmaking.

Much of her free time is spent in her studio or at the Oxford Printmaker’s Co-op revelling in the delights of painting and printmaking. Her work explores the textures, patterns, contrasts and harmonies of colour, whilst experimenting with shape and subject matter. As a printmaker learning a new technique is like a new word, you are constantly extending your ideas, textures, design and shape.
Many of her paintings are often created from source material in the studio or taken from on site studies on her ‘Painting Trips’ aboard and in the U.K.

Jennie has exhibited regularly over the past twenty years throughout Buckinghamshire. Over the years these include Hampstead Museum, London, R.G. Burt Gallery, London, ICE Gallery Olney and Henley exhibition Centre. Queen’s Park Centre (A retrospective of work) She currently has work in Ballon Rouge Art, Thame. Jennie is a founder member of BUCKS21 which began in the year 2000. A nine year member Wooburn Arts Society and an eighteen year member of Bucks Art Society. The group BUCKS21 was created in order to offer the Buckinghamshire public new opportunities to view contemporary art exhibitions outside London, and to show that 21st Century art in Buckinghamshire can be beautiful, colourful and enjoyable while at the same time thought provoking and serious.

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