Encouragement of art in buckinghamshire
Date:March 02, 2022

Ian Warr

Ian Warr is a realist portrait artist. His approach reflects a desire to reveal truths through what he sees and how he expresses them on canvas or paper. At the heart of this endeavour lies a storytelling process which Ian has explored in numerous ways during a career spanning journalism, TV production, digital innovation and corporate strategy. Ian’s progression into painting provides a wealth of new stories to tell using oils and acrylics.

Ian says: “For me, the power of the painted picture goes far beyond the digital image. It captures not just a fleeting moment but it interprets a period of time when the sitter and the painter get to know one another and build a relationship. Painting is also the literal and expressive human endeavour of putting paint onto canvas in a way that communicates what the painter sees. For me, there isn’t any metaphysics in what results. It’s not like the painter looks into the soul of someone! But the way an artist interprets and curates what they see is an important and valuable exercise, and it’s why I think portraiture really matters.”

Website: ianwarr.com
Instagram: ian_warr