Encouragement of art in buckinghamshire
Date:March 15, 2017

Ian Davenport

I work in watercolour as it answers, in my opinion, all that you can reasonably ask of a painting medium. I have attended tutor supervised tuition and practice sessions for many years and have evolved my own limited palette of colours which seems to provide what I need.
I am a keen photographer and take all my own artwork related reference images.
I love landscape, and in particular, trees and woodland and buildings within the landscape. The trunk of a single great oak usually displays all the colours imaginable from inky blue-blacks, through browns to the palest pink. Similarly, the woodland floor is a riot of subdued, but strong, colour and really bold textures. Counterchange of light is usually in abundance as light penetrates the leaf canopy.
The hedgerow plants and flowers are a delight. I grew up in a rural area and first got to know them as a child, looking them ‘straight in the eye’. The flowers of the marsh marigold and their splendid green stems all look like they have just emerged from a mould.
I could go on forever.
The future of Art and where things are going is with me all the time. I have been lucky in that good people have guided me in the right direction and I am keen to pass this on to younger people who have an interest.
I have exhibited my work locally at Beechwood, Stokenchurch and other smaller exhibitions. I organise, exhibit and steward an annual Art event at Darnhall, Cheshire, and have also exhibited at Church Minshull and Nantwich, Also in Cheshire.

Email: ibdavenport@lineone.net