Encouragement of art in buckinghamshire

Graham Jefford

Having retired from a career in engineering I am now free to indulge my passion for art. A figurative painter by inclination, working in a representational style, I am always striving to make my work more expressive and to handle my materials with more freedom, but it is very difficult to throw off the shackles of a lifetime of engineering detail. My aim is to capture the essence of the subject rather than the detail, yet even an apparently loose mark has to be precise in its way.

Recently I have been focusing on oil painting, but I greatly enjoy experimenting and working with other media and techniques.
I find that working in various media not only aids the learning process but also helps steer a path around occasional bouts of artist’s block. A change of medium can often stimulate new ideas or help resolve problems in other media.

My subject matter varies considerably – landscape, portraiture, the nude, boats, buildings, still life, flowers – one never knows what will fire the imagination next.