Encouragement of art in buckinghamshire
Date:September 26, 2012

Di Oldfield

Di Oldfield trained at Amersham College (1989-1994) and for many years taught in Buckinghamshire schools. She has given presentations at National Gallery and the Buckinghamshire County Museum. Her work is collected for the use of rich, vibrant colours and stylish, elegant pictorial forms.

Di’s studio is in Buckinghamshire, Aston Clinton and her works are largely inspired by the ‘nature around us’ and her travels, which translate into textured paintings, mixed media pieces, prints and collages. The exuberance of nature is expressed largely in the contrast of rich colours and how layers overlap: turquoise, blues and deep greens in the paintings, lines and gestures in the prints.

Recent work involves her experimentation with a subtle painterly palette. The medium of collage has been used not least for the way it solves compositional ideas, harmonies of colour, uses of texture and the understanding of the abstract nature of the flat surface.

At the heart of all Di’s work is the desire to allow colour and pattern to create experimental surfaces. An initial reaction is to label much of the work ‘abstract’, however there is always a visual starting point. At times the outcome might be a recognisable view of a landscape or place, at other times it might be a set of organised forms, colours, surface textures that convey a response to a place.

She has exhibited at:

Obsidian Art

One Church Street Gallery

Cowleigh gallery, Malvern

Buckinghamshire County Museum, art gallery

Buckinghamshire County Council, public collection

Her work is held in collections internationally in France, Canada and Bermuda.