Encouragement of art in buckinghamshire
Date:August 20, 2012

Clarissa Galliano – HM

Graduated Exeter College of Art and Design 1983

I go to the studio every day to paint. As I enter the studio my world starts to reassemble itself again. It is not that the world outside the studio is chaos. It is not that the studio is an oasis. It is more about a sense of being ‘enabled’ as I cross the threshold.

Blue oil drawings

To paint is to create a parallel SPIRIT of drawing in paint. The immediacy of drawing is often lost in painting, but the spirit or essence, of the painter’s vision can at least be attempted. In these blue oil drawings I am trying to minimise the gap between drawing and paint.

Yellow Escape Paintings

These paintings from the Escape Series, were a follow on from a project on the meditation on light. I was testing my intuition and focussing on the relationship between painter and canvas, playing with the idea that we have little control of the destination of the painting, in fact the idea of conduit seems more applicable here.