Encouragement of art in buckinghamshire
Date:March 16, 2016

Claire Rollinson

Watercolours 2021 – 2022

Form: for stability and and equality she has chosen the geometry of the square. Not to seek to manipulate or influence the viewer in any way but simply to offer a locus for contemplation

Methodology: her approach is meditative and at the same time responsive with a light touch working with the materials; watercolour, paper, water, brushes, flannelette. She works on the flat carefully attending to the movement of water, the relationships of colour and form, observing the inner flickers, the subtle vital recognition of nuance that inform action. One painting leads to another and then takes on its own life and compulsion. Each painting is then taken out of the studio. And considered; what does it, muted, say? What does it lend? Where do those combinations of form, colour, tones and textures take you or me? We have a conversation, my husband and I. How do the various lights of day affect it? What does it give to this room? Where does it come from? Is this fully realised and ready to take its place in the world? But being no critic, every piece is a beloved child.