Encouragement of art in buckinghamshire
Date:September 15, 2021

Claire Burke

Claire is an experienced artist who believes her eye for balance and composition has been informing her artistic choices since long before she picked up a paintbrush, through decades of capturing and editing digital photographs.

Claire creates paintings that are striking in different ways – sometimes tranquillity and quietness are evoked perhaps using subtle colours or a limited palette, other times there is drama and intrigue expressed through bold marks over blended and layered backgrounds. She aims simply to create something beautiful with which clients connect, often outcomes are abstract art, almost exclusively using acrylic paint and on canvas or hardwood panel substrates.

Claire works on small collections of like pieces but as her style, mark-making, media and inspiration evolve the work can develop rapidly in new directions. She has recently joined the Buckinghamshire Arts Society after a number of years exhibiting and selling work locally through art fairs and Open Studios events, and welcomes visitors at all times of year to her garden studio in Beaconsfield by appointment.

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