Encouragement of art in buckinghamshire
Date:August 06, 2022

Christine Jones

Chris is a Buckinghamshire based artist, working mainly in watercolours and occasionally inks.

She picked up her passion for painting again –-to keep sane – when the love of her life, Ivor, died of Motor Neurone Disease early in 2021. ‘Choosing my subject to paint in watercolour always has a very therapeutic effect on me. It can start anywhere, but at the moment, my passion is mostly painting flowers. When I see a beautiful bouquet of flowers it can literally send my heart in a flutter, because I know I want to capture it on paper. I love bold colours too. My techniques are constantly developing and although flowers are ‘IT’ for me now, I know I want to branch out in the future’.

In the 70’s she trained with her to-be-husband at the London College of Furniture as a Furniture Designer and Maker. in the 80’s they both make violins for their 2 very accomplished playing daughters. In the 90’s she trained and taught Design I Technology within the county.

In early retirement, Chris and her husband sailed for 15 years, where they cruised and painted around the Mediterranean.

Chris, who is relatively new to exhibiting, has planned exhibits at several venues throughout Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Berkshire over the next year and is thoroughly enjoying the experience. ‘