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Shirley Bradford (Millichip)

It is with a heavy heart that I pass on the news about the death of much loved member Shirley Millichip (known as Shirley Bradford). Shirley died suddenly, peacefully at home in Winslow on the evening of 19 August.
Shirley was a long-standing member of BAS, always involved with the work of the society and encouraging to other members. In recognition of her work, she was made an Honorary member of the Society in 2016.
Largely self-taught, Shirley took up painting around 1995, after studying in France for four years. She worked in oils and watercolour, but favoured the latter. Shirley mainly painted landscapes in a contemporary style.
Her use of watercolours is bold and rich, showing characteristics of this medium that many people are unfamiliar with. Shirley preferred watercolours as she believed the possibilities were endless when painting landscapes, her landscapes at night are particularly atmospheric with large focus on dramatic lighting. Shirley always kept illustrated journals while travelling the world with her late husband Paul, and these were her main sources of inspiration for her work.Shirley also organised painting courses both at home and abroad for thirty years with him.

Winter Sunset

Frikes, Greece

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